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★★★★ Three Weeks


A lecturer begins to unravel mid-lesson when she discovers that she must deliver a case study about asbestos -- the deadly mineral that killed her own family.

This audience-interactive show was first performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2011, then invited to the 2012 Theaterszene Europa Festival in Cologne, Germany, where Scandal Theatre was the youngest of five Scottish companies asked to present work.


'I believe Phillippi could make a profound effect on others. To sculpt a problem of which one is on the outside into a convincing character suffering within it, as this writer-cum- actress does, requires impressive empathy. To frame said character portrait in a way as unusual and frequently risky as this is quintessential Fringe and quintessential five star. I look back at my notes and think “It's amazing that actually worked” and “If only I were immoral enough to steal that idea for myself”. If Scandal Theatre returns to the Fringe, not going would be a fallacy. If Scandal Theatre restrains itself to the Free Fringe again, not going would be idiotic.' 

 - Pat Massey, 

'The Translator's Dilemma carries a serious point, and it delivers it in a sensitive, thought-provoking way. It is never preachy – it isn't trying to moralise, merely to bring to the forefront of our attention an issue that is often left at the back.'

- Helen Catt,

'Entering the venue at a breathless dash and apologising for her lateness, Jessica Phillippi immediately plunges the audience into The Translator’s Dilemma. It’s only as she begins welcoming us to “class” that we realise she is already acting. [...] A harrowing portrayal of her descent into hysteria and near-insanity.' 

- Kirstin Innes, Three Weeks


The University of Glasgow

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Playwrights Studio Scotland

GI Festival

Clydebank Asbestos Group



GMB Scotland

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Amy Conway

Jessica Phillippi


Director & Dramaturge: Ishbel McFarlane

Writer: Jessica Phillippi

Producer: Dom Hastings

Marketing: Kyriakos Vogiatzis

Web & Social Media Coordinator: Ross Barber

Sound Design: Ev Buckley

Audio Engineer: Pete MacDonald

Voiceovers: Barrie Hunter

Flyer Design: Jessica Ashman


Jessica Ashman

Horst Baumann

Jan-Malte Hunfeld

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