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Two sisters go to desperate lengths in childhood to escape their abusive family home—then return to the consequences of their actions in adulthood.

My Sister was created for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012, and invited to the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival in Glasgow later that year.


'A gripping and captivating performance by Jessica Philippi and Amy Conway saw their audience leaning forward with suspense.'

'Weaved like a murder-mystery, this gripping physical theatre piece kept its audience guessing until the last line.'

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Rosemary Cunningham, Jamie Donoghue & Anne Nyyssonen.

All rights reserved.

'From the first dash onto the stage, Philippi and Conway kept the audience under their spell, changing fluidly between different characters from the sisters’ life.'

'A fascinating glimpse into the dynamics of two people growing up, making decisions and keeping a secret.'

'The execution is tantalising and strong in its minimalism, and the passionate acting keeps the audience’s heart racing in suspense. My Sister is guaranteed to compel and agitate, promising a bright future for Philippi, Conway and Scandal Theatre.'

--Anne Nyyssonen Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival


Amy Conway

Jessica Phillippi


Director: Deborah Hannan

Writer: Jessica Phillippi

Dramaturge: Jacqueline Crichton

Fight Direction: EmmaClaire Brightlyn

Social Media Coordinator: Ross Barber

Sound Design: Ev Buckley

Flyer: Rosemary Cunningham of Illustration, etc.

Front of House: James Hannan



Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

University of Glasgow

Tron Theatre

Glasgow Film Theatre

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